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Cybersecurity roles, descriptions, and associated salary ranges

Updated: Mar 3

Cybersecurity encompasses a variety of roles and qualifications to address the diverse challenges of protecting digital systems and information. The table below captures some common cybersecurity roles, their typical qualifications, salary ranges, helpful certifications, the typical stakeholders each supports, and some personal traits that would make you a great candidate for these roles (Please scroll down and to the side for the full view of the table).

Above is an overview of some common cybersecurity roles and their associated characteristics along with salary ranges.

The salary ranges presented are general estimates, and actual figures may vary based on factors like geographic location, industry, and the individual's experience and certifications. Additionally, the cybersecurity field is dynamic, and demand for skilled professionals continues to grow, potentially influencing salary trends. It's advisable to research specific roles and industries for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The certifications recommended provide a foundation for acquiring specialized skills in each cybersecurity role. It's important to note that the cybersecurity field is dynamic, and certifications may evolve over time. Additionally, employers may have specific preferences based on the technologies and frameworks they use. Continuous learning and staying updated on industry trends are essential in the cybersecurity domain.



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